Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My version of Victor Wooten's "More Love"

Hey! It's been a long time since my last post. Here's my transcription of this awesome solo piece from Maestro Wooten. Although it's available on his "Best Of Victor Wooten" book, I decided to write my version for an (almost) standard-tuned bass (it's written for a tenor bass in the book). Besides, and with all the due respect, I don't feel comfortable with the way it's written there (6/8 with 8ths as the beat unit instead of 3/4 with quarter notes as the beat unit - I feel it more logical that way).

Standard notation only. Sorry, no tablature here. The transcription in the book basically separates the melody from the accompaniment using upstems for the former and downstems for the latter. I preferred to write everything that is supposed to be played with the right (plucking) hand either tapped or strummed using upstemmed notes, while all the notes played by tapping with the left (fretting) hand are downstemmed (the very first measure is the only exception to this). I wrote all dead notes on the fourth space, but it doesn't mean anything regarding where the fretting and/or plucking hand should play. They are just dead notes, played wherever it feels more comfortable at the moment. Here's the transcription:

More Love (Eng)

And here's the accompanying video:

Hope you find this material useful. Thanks for reading and watching! :^)