Friday, June 19, 2009

Budgie's "Breadfan"

Have you heard about Budgie? Have you heard "Breadfan"? Of course the band has its own fan base, but it's pretty limited compared with huge acts like Metallica, the band that covered this awesome song. Chances are that you've heard Metallica's version but not the original one, so here's a video:

Budgie has been compared in some aspects with Rush, although they have notable musical differences. But both are power trios, in both bands the bassist is the lead singer and he has a high-pitched voice, plus at some point both bassists looked very similar. One of the things I like the most from Budgie is that, in my opinion, Burke Shelley's bass tone is the quintessential example of superb P-Bass tone within a rock context. Here's the bassline for this terrific tune:

Breadfan (Bassline)

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  1. The transcription isn't rendering and the link to scribd says the document is private, could I get the transcription please, thanks.